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    Mini spray dryer (H-Spray Mini)
    Basic information
    ● Model:H-Spray Mini
    ● Maximum water evaporation:1800 ml/h
    ● Machine size(length×width×height):470×570×922mm
    ● Atomizing system:Cocurrent flow two-fluid atomizer(imported components)
    ● Options:Fully automatic control system, computer client 
    Description Specification Optional items
             Imported components

             The spray is more delicate and stable 
    American original imported nozzle  

            Taiwan original imported fan
    The electrical cabinet adopts Schneider and Siemens electrical original   

    Taiwan WEINVIEW touch screen

         High-end; magnificent; classy
      Professional designers operate the appearance design 

                The whole machine body spray painting process
              Machanical parts are finely ground for perfection 

            Quick disassembly design

            Make it easy for you to handle the experiment

              Air lines, thermometers, power supply, liquid pipeline, etc all adopt quick disassembly design  

              Experimental operation is much faster 

             Siemens PLC

                     Fuzzy PID control, it is accurate and humanized                                                 
                 Adopt SIEMENS original PLC

            HS-Control  control interface
            The most advanced and beautiful control interface in the industry

                 Adopt the latest research and development HS-Control control  system from Holves 
    Excellent visual touch operation, animation demonstration process 
                 Display and control of air inlet temperature, air outlet temperature, frequency conversion, frequency of the needle, etc.
                 Data record, curve analysis function, alarm and overload protection

         Inverter fan 
             Flexible air volume control and monitoring 

               Test conclusion: The size of air volume is used for particle forming, product yield and processing capacity
                   It has corresponding relation, belong to important process variable
               Adopt the real frequency conversion fan design, the delta frequency converter


    Description Specification Optional items Product list
    TFF Device Mini T01 +MORE
    Multifunctional Membrane Separatio +MORE
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