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    Spiral-Wound NF Membrane Element
    Basic information
    Molecular weight cut-off :200D~800D
    Structure:HOLVES SPIRAL 
    Operating pressure:3.5-30bar
    Flow pass net:13-120mil
    Description Specification Optional items


                                                                                       System Survey

    1a.jpg Molecular Weight Cut-Off range is 200D~800D. 

    1a.jpg It is generally used to remove the organic matter and pigment in surface water, the hardness
       and partial dissolved salt in 
    groundwater,  and used for the extraction and enrichment of
    substances in food and bio-pharmaceutical production.
    1a.jpg Nanofiltration membrane material: Polyamide, sulfonated polyethersulfone, sulfonated


    Product Feature 

    1a.jpg Be prior to intercept divalent and polyvalent anions

    1a.jpg The interception rate of monovalention is related to the concentration and composition
       of the feed liquid

    1a.jpg Membrane products of acid and alkali  resistance, anti-pollution and high temperature
       resistance can be customized


      Product Advantages

      1a.jpg Imported high quality membrane material, high flux and high stability     

      1a.jpg Precise Molecular Weight Cut-Off

      1a.jpg No dead Angle design, not easy to pollute

      1a.jpg Membrane component replacement is simple

      1a.jpg Membrane elements with various specifications are available 

      1a.jpg Membrane core packing density is high, fabrication cost of unit membrane area is low

    Product Application

    1a.jpg Softening water treatment                                                                                         

    1a.jpg The removal of harmful substances in drinking   water

    1a.jpg Wastewater treatment of chemical industry

    1a.jpg Recovery of precious metals

    1a.jpg Dye decolorization or concentration, heavy metal removal, acid purification.



    Description Specification Optional items Product list
    TFF Device Mini T01 +MORE
    Multifunctional Membrane Separatio +MORE
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