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    Spiral-Wound UF Membrane Element
    Basic information
    Molecular weight cut-off :1KD~200KD
    Structure:HOLVES SPIRAL roll type
    Appearance:Ultrafiltration(UF) membrane
    Flow pass net:13-120mil
    Description Specification Optional items

                                                                                               System Survey

    1a.jpg Molecular Weight Cut-Off range of this element is 1KD~200KD

    1a.jpgBy separating the target products of different molecular weight, the purification process of
      traditional activated carbon decolorization, resins edulcoration and crystallization extraction
      was replaced, and the purpose of decolorization, edulcoration and product classification was



                                                                                               Product Feature           

    1a.jpg It can be used to intercept macromolecular substance(protein, pigment, polysaccharide) 

    1a.jpg It  also can be used to intercept small moleculesInorganic salt, small molecule pigment,
    ash specification

     1a.jpg Substitute activated carbon decolorization, resins, crystal extraction, etc.
     1a.jpg Membrane products of acid and alkali resistant, anti-pollution and high temperature
       resistance can be customized. 




    Product Advantages  

    1a.jpg High thermal stability  and thermal chemical

    1a.jpg Imported raw materials ensure high quality

    1a.jpg No dead Angle design, not easy to pollute

    1a.jpg All kinds of membrane components are available



    Product Application     

     1a.jpg Clarification and enrichment of fermentation broth in pharmaceutical and biochemical

     1a.jpg Preparation for sterile water in medical use and water in injection

     1a.jpg Separation and refinement of Chinese medicine extract
     1a.jpg Oil-water separation



    Description Specification Optional items Product list
    TFF Device Mini T01 +MORE
    Multifunctional Membrane Separatio +MORE
    CONTACT PHONE:010-64919358 FAX:010-64919358-805 E-MAIL:sales@holves.com ADDRESS:Beijing City, Tongzhou
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