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    Spiral-Wound MF Membrane Element
    Basic information
    ● Interception particles:0.1~1 μm
     Operating pressure:0.3~7 bar

     Membrane products of acid and alkali resistance, anti-pollution and high temperature resistance can be customized
    ● It is applied to intercept suspended solids, bacteria and macromolecular colloids

    Description Specification Optional items

                                                                                                System Survey

    1a.jpg The element can intercept particles between 0.1 and 1μm,it allows the passage of large
       molecules and dissolved solids(
    inorganic salt), etc
    However, it can intercept the suspension,
       the bacteria and the large components of the colloid, etc. 

    1a.jpg Its structure is compact, surface area/volume ratio is reasonableBy using different flow pass
    (13-120mil), it can change the width of liquid flow channel and adapt to various viscosity


    Product Advantages


    1a.jpg High thermal stability and chemical stability

    1a.jpg Imported raw materials guarantee high quality

    1a.jpg Membrane component replacement is simple

    1a.jpg No dead Angle design, not easy to pollute



    Product Applicaiton 

    1a.jpg Clarification of fermentation broth in pharmaceutical and biological engineering

    1a.jpg Clarification of biological solution products

    1a.jpg MBR sewage treatment

    1a.jpg RO/NF pretreatment



    Description Specification Optional items Product list
    TFF Device Mini T01 +MORE
    Multifunctional Membrane Separatio +MORE
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