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    Factory Equipment Service
    Basic information
    ● Design consulting service
     Production of membrane separation equipment
     Factory equipment reconstruction
     Turnkey Project

    Description Specification Optional items

      About Us

    ● Focused on the whole process of membrane separation equipment
       for food industry and biopharmaceutical industry.
    ● Focus on the industrial membrane separation industry, including
       clarification, separation, concentration, protein purification, etc.

    ● Professional equipment development team, manufacturing plant
       and perfect after-sales service.


    Technical Advisory Services  

    ● The pharmaceutical industry   
       The pharmaceutical industry Application of separation, purification and
        concentration processes is an important way to improve the economic
        benefits of the pharmaceutical industry.

    ● Biological Chemistry   
       Membrane  decontamination, membrane concentration, membrane

    ● Food and Beverage  
                                                                                                   Separation, grading, concentration and enrichment of beverages

                                                                                                ●Petroleum metallurgy 
                                                                                                   Membrane recovery of heavy metals, acid and alkali recovery
                                                                                                   and purification, etc.                                                                                                  



     Membrane separation equipment manufacturing 

     The factory is located in Tongzhou District, Beijing with specialized
       factory building
    ● Excellent teamwork, efficient output
    ● Fine work and product quality are always the first


     Factory equipment renovation
      Factory original membrane separation equipment accessories
        customization service
     ● Technical upgrading of plant equipment and automation upgrade of
        control system

     ● Seamlessly connect the original production process and complete
        industrial upgrading


                                            Turnkey projects 
    ● The overall supply of upstream and downstream equipment such as
       membrane separation equipment, spray drying equipment, and
       fermentation tanks.
    ● GEA China's first level Partners, providing high-end equipment
       integration services.

    ● The turnkey project includes design consultation, procurement,
       production, installation and acceptance, and the employer can easily
       deal with the construction of the factory.


    Description Specification Optional items Product list
    TFF Device Mini T01 +MORE
    Multifunctional Membrane Separatio +MORE
    CONTACT PHONE:010-64919358 FAX:010-64919358-805 E-MAIL:sales@holves.com ADDRESS:Beijing City, Tongzhou
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