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    Multifunctional Membrane Separation Device Multi SM-4040
    Basic information
     Model:Multi SM-4040
     Process capacity:50~100L/H
     Membrane element:GE imported original roll type membrane, single membrane area 5.67.5
     Powder Unit:Imported GRUNDFOS pump, Pressure 0~25Bar adjustable
     Material circulation tankeffective volumeV=80L
    Description Specification Optional items
                                                                                               System Survey  
     Middle type Multi SM-4040 is mainly used for separation and
       purification of ultrafiltration(UF), nanofiltration (NF), reverse osmosis
       (RO), which can be filtered, decolorized, desalted, purified,

    ● According to the size of the molecular weight of the separated
       material, the selection of the membrane was carried out, and the
       material of 0.03 mu m to 100dalton could be separated.
    ● The equipment has the advantages of easy cleaning and maintenance
       and great freedom of use, etc. 

    Power Unit

    Imported GRUNDFOS pump

    ● Booster pump + circulating pump double pump control to meet the
       requirements of experimental diversity.

    ● Variable frequency control, 20 ~ 50Hz adjustable, wide range use

    ● Pressure 0 ~ 25Bar adjustable

    Membrane Shell                                                                           

    ● 3 pieces in parallel   
    ● Connection mode: high pressure clamp quick disconnection, withstand
       voltage 20Mpa
    Material :AISI 304
    ● Surface treatment: external surface brushed, inner surface polishing,
       food hygiene grade.


    Roll Type Membrane Element 
    ● GE imported original roll type membrane, 3pieces
    Membrane Model:4040 
    Industrial separation film, anti-pollution film

    Range of application:MF, UF, NF, RO

     4040  film brand has the famous brand of GE and Dow chemical, which
       is rich in horizontal contrast test, and the general film shell adapts to
       various brand films.


                                          Control Cabinet
    ● Instrument control cabinet on site
    ● Control Mode:  PID Instrument control, automatic adjustment

    ● Sensor: temperature electrode, pressure sensor, variable frequency

    Flowmeter: field flow meter, manual adjustment.

     Instrument: four-in-one display + control instrument, variable
       frequency regulator.

    Material Standard 
    ● Contact material part: Material AISI 304, food grade hose
    ● Non-contact material part: Material AISI 304, carbon steel + spray

    ● Pipeline:  Sanitary seamless stainless steel tube

    ● Valves: Food grade sanitary ball valves, diaphragm Valves


    Description Specification Optional items Product list
    TFF Device Mini T01 +MORE
    Multifunctional Membrane Separatio +MORE
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