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    Brief Intro of Small Tangential Flow Ultrafiltration System Time:2018.03.16
    Understand Tangential Flow Ultrafiltration Technology
         Tangential flow filtration (TFF), also known as cross-flow filtration (CFF), refers to the form of filtration in which the liquid flow direction is perpendicular to the filtration direction. The liquid flow generates a shear force on the surface of the filter medium, which reduces the accumulation of the cake layer or the gel layer, thereby ensuring a stable filtration speed.

    According to the size of the trapped particles or molecules, it can be divided into microfiltration MF, ultrafiltration UF, nanofiltration NF and reverse osmosis RO.
    TFF technology is widely used in pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, food and beverage and environmental protection industries, etc.

    Brief Introduction about Small Tangential Flow Ultrafiltration System

    System overview:
    The small tangential flow ultrafiltration system is a TFF device designed and developed by Beijing Holves for laboratory users. It is mainly suitable for small-scale or pilot-scale TFF research in the laboratory. The system adopts imported original box flat film packs, which can realize microfiltration and ultrafiltration to meet the diverse needs of the laboratory.
    System applications:

    ● The collection of bacteria, clarification and filtration of cytochylema, recovery of antibodies or recombinant proteins

    ● Concentration and desalting of proteins, peptides or nucleic acids (DNA / RNA/ oligonucleotides)
    ● Remove heat, impurities or molecules in water, buffer, medium solution, etc.

    System features:
    ● Very high sample recovery rate and high protein activity
    ● Stable filtration rate, continuous filtration, no gel layer on the membrane surface
    ● Easy linear amplification, minimizing the time and cost of small-scale production to large-scale production
    ● General-purpose stainless steel fixture, matching imported brands of major brands of flat-plate membrane package, can be installed with 1~3 pieces at the same time.
    ● Integral design, easy operation, and selection of suitable membrane fixture, peristaltic pump and membrane package according to different needs
    ●Stainless steel bracket + raw material tank, siphon feed, easy laboratory continuous operation
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