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    From the domestic rice wine fermentation to talk about the w Time:2018.01.25

    The rice wine is sweet and mellow, with a unique flavor and is very popular among young and old. The rice wine fermentation can give people the ability to make their favorite rice wine easily, and today I'm going to introduce you to the work and the raw materials of the rice wine fermentation tanks.

    Raw materials and appliances for rice wine brewing.

    1、Glutinus rice 2kg,fermental glutinus rice wine half a pack

    2、Electric rice cooker, rice wine fermenter, and maake the steamer, cage cloth, plastic small box, spoon, plate and so on cleaned and with no oil.


    One: Prepare to soak glutinous rice

    Step 1:Wash the rice pan clean.

    Step 2:Glutinous rice with tap water rinse two to three times, soak in cold water after one day (24 hours), with the hand twist meters will be broken, then can begin brewing rice wine.

    Two:Start making rice wine.

    Step 1:Boil the plastic small box, glass and spoon in a pressure cooker.

    Step 2:Water is put in the steamer, steam drawer mat on a layer of white gauze, scoop out on the steamer steamed glutinous rice steamed (about 40 minutes).

    Step 3:It is pour with cold water (cool wat, or that like of the space water) after the cage is put out of the cage for 2-3 times, then the dry water is controlled.

    Step 4:Add the steamed sticky rice to the water and put it in a clean, empty pan, and, with your chopsticks, you can touch it with your hands, touch the wall, and feel the heat, and you're going to pour it in a little bit of water, and you're stirring it.

    Step 5:Transfer the sticky rice to the fermented vessel, use a spoon to make it so that the rice is covered, and the center is to dig a round hole and cover the lid.

    Step 6:Pour 1L tap water into the electric rice cooker, put one plate into the bottom of the pot, and the electric rice cooker is insulated.

    STEP 7:Put the container of rice wine into the plate in the rice cooker, cover the lid, and then take the rice wine fermenter. Press the middle button to start.

    Step 8:Ferment 24 --48 hours, open, see the round hole in middle of rice wine full of liquor, that's OK.

    The above is the simplified version of the homemade fermentation pot brewing rice wine. Of course, the batch production of rice wine starter can be much more complicated. However, the principle of rice wine brewing is basically the same, and the rice wine starter can be contacted with Beijing Holves biotechnology co., LTD.


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