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    Laboratory small fermentation tank product characteristics Time:2018.01.25

    Laboratory standard fermentation tank is specially according to the design by user's habit of operating mode in China, is a masterpiece of desktop small fermentation tank.

    Laboratory fermentation tank product features: small and powerful, compact design, complete functions.

    Unique design:The unique design makes Minifors flexible, and the user can move the Minifors as they want, easy to use, super-tight design, not only to save the lab space, but also to reduce the length of the line by 30% - 50%, to dramatically reduce the chance of infection.5L/ 3.5l, 2.5l / 1.2l can be selected for the two kinds of tanks, and the four decades of experience of the INFORS can be used to provide standardized tools and processes for the laboratory fermentation experiment, while the open design can be used for customers to expand and use easily according to the requirements.

    Sterilization ways:The integrated dissociation sterilization, the tank body and the host flexible disassembly, simple and safe. All sterilization unit organic combination, can adapt to more models of high pressure sterilization.

    The LED can directly display the fermentation parameters, and the user can also connect Minifors with the computer. Through IRIS software, real-time monitoring and control of mixing speed, temperature, pH value, DO, defoaming, liquid level control and gas mixture control in the fermentation process can be carried out, and complex advanced operations are carried out.

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