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                                                         ANHUI HOLVES ENGINEERING TECHOLOGY CO., LTD 

    Anhui Holves Engineering Technology Co.,LTD (HOLVES) is established by the founder in 2010 and located in Yingjiang District, Anqing City, Anhui Province, it is a fast growing high-tech enterprise. HOLVES is committed to the development, production and sales of spray dryer and membrane filtration equipment, providing customers with professional advanced production equipment and superior service. After several years of steady development, it has become one of the well-known instrument suppliers in China.

    Since its inception, HOLVES has reached with a good consensus on cooperation with Germany's GEA Group. As we know, GEA Group is a World-renowned enterprise, with a leader brand from all segments of the industry, which includes companies Niro and GEA Filtration. Our cooperation with GEA Group is committed to providing the world's best equipment and production technology to Chinese users.
    HOLVES always keeps the development of the self-innovation, by absorbing GEA’s outstanding product design, the R&D team in company  has also completed the R&D and production of domestic equipment. The most characteristic products are H-Spray series spray dryer and H-Fermenor series fermenter. Our main product small spray dryer H-Spray Mini has received a good response and sales in the market.

    HOLVES converges a sales and technical team with solid foundation knowledge and rich product knowledge, and it is committed to provide the most
    professional production equipment and the most perfect after-sale service for the customer.

     TEL: +86-556-5561288 (Ext 610)

    CONTACT PHONE:010-64919358 FAX:010-64919358-805 E-MAIL:sales@holves.com ADDRESS:Beijing City, Tongzhou
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