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    Ceramic Membrane Pilot Equipment
    Basic information
    Process capacity:500~2000L/H
    Membrane element:French original imported ceramic membrane
    Contact material:Material AISI 304, food grade hosepipe
    Material circulation tank:effective volume V=1500L
    Description Specification Optional items
    System Survey

    CM-90 can be applied to microfiltration, ultrafiltration and fine ultrafiltration

    It can do the membrane selection according to the size of the molecular
     and separate the material of 1.4μm-1KD

    It has the advantages like easy and flexible operation, and easy cleaning, etc. 


    Power Unit


      1a.jpg Imported GRUNDFOS pump

      1a.jpg Inverter control 

      1a.jpg With high pressure protection device




    Membrane Shell

    1a.jpg PH range:0-14

    1a.jpg Working pressure:<95℃

    1a.jpg  Maximum working pressure:<10bar

    1a.jpg  Connection type:ANSI flange type connection 




    Ceramic Membrane Element

    1a.jpg French original imported ceramic membrane

    1a.jpg Membrane model :φ25mm:580/1178mm

    1a.jpg Range of application:Microfiltration, ultrafiltration and fine ultrafiltration


    Electrical Control Cabinet 


    1a.jpg Online monitoring of temperature, pressure and liquid velocity

    1a.jpg Pump frequency conversion controller, real-time display speed, frequency

    1a.jpg Temperature and pressure preset alarm



    Material Standard


    1a.jpg Contact material part: Material AISI 304, food grade hose material circulation


    1a.jpg Non-contact material: Material AISI 304, carbon steel + spray paint

    1a.jpg Pipeline:Sanitary seamless stainless steel tube
    1a.jpg Valve:Food grade health level direct ball valvediaphragm valve



    Description Specification Optional items Product list
    TFF Device Mini T01 +MORE
    Multifunctional Membrane Separatio +MORE
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